Best dental sterilisation equipment NZ

Best dental sterilisation equipment NZ

Are you looking to invest in reliable sterilisation equipment for your dental practice? Finding the right equipment can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many machines and manufacturers to choose from. 

This article highlights the best dental equipment we offer, from sterilisers to washer-disinfectors to ultrasonic cleaners. We cover the different types of each product, their features and the benefits to help you make an informed decision. 

Dental sterilizer

Dental sterilisers

A dental steriliser or autoclave, uses high-pressure temperatures and steam to sanitise dental equipment after each use.

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Melag Cliniclave®

Melag Cliniclave 45

The Cliniclave® series includes large steam sterilisers with a capacity of one or two sterilisation units (StU). The four models include Cliniclave® 45, Cliniclave® 45 D, Cliniclave® 45 M, and Cliniclave® 45 MD. 

These are available as single-door or double-door (pass-through) models and are designed to save time, work ergonomically, and document securely. Key features of the Cliniclave® series include DRYtelligence, energy saving mode, automatic shutdown, start time pre-selection, XXL colour touch display, and a wide range of batch configurations. 

Melag Premium Class

Melag premium class autoclave

The Premium-Class Evolution series provides the most time and cost-effective workflow. The high-quality, double-walled sterilisation chambers support the rapid removal of air from the chamber and the cavities of instruments, ensuring a particularly effective sterilisation process with the highest saturated steam quality. 

Key features of the Melag Premium Class series include patented double-jacket technology, operating times of 10 to 20 minutes, Patented DRYtelligence®, high loading capacity of up to 9 kg, and XXL colour-touch display.

Melag Prime line – B and S Class

Melag Prime line

For more power, superior drying results, and traceable batch approval, the Prime Line Class B Autoclaves are ideal. Product features include loading capacities of up to 8 kg, patented DRYtelligence, SmartTouch Display, ProControl user authentication, data logging via USB stick or network, powerful class B vacuum procedure for reliable sterilisation, stand-alone device concept with integrated water tanks, and energy saving mode. 

The Prime line class S autoclaves' key features include optimal drying results, uncompromising comfort, smart documentation, and eco-friendly innovations. 

Melag Vacuclave 550

Vacuclave 550

With an extra-large chamber and pioneering innovations, this model is highly versatile and ideal for large practices and clinics. 

Product features include capacity for up to 25 kg, double Jacket Technology, intelligent drying, patented system for heat recovery, extra-large Smart-Touch Display for intuitive operation, traceable documentation via ProControl, 100% reliability at 0% cooling water, excellent energy efficiency in standby and energy-saving mode. 

Melatherm 10 EVO

Melag MELAtherm 10 Evolution

The Melatherm 10 Evo is smart, fast, and efficient – giving you more time to focus on your patients. The Melatherm 10 Evo is designed to optimise your clinic workflow, improve efficiency, enhance safety, and simplify legal documentation. 

Product features include an extra-large Smart-Touch Display, video tutorials, AquaBoost Technology for optimised cleaning results, active internal and external drying for instrument protection, ProControl Authentification for batch release, documentation Interfaces via CF card or ethernet, integrated Process Agents for storing cleaner, neutraliser and rinse aid, a practice-optimised washing chamber for instrument sets, and extended maintenance cycles.

SteriHero Podo 

The stand-alone Class B and S autoclave now complies with medical device regulations and is perfectly suited for podiatry. Key features include an incredibly advanced display, a wide range of programs, and Power Save energy-saving function. Combined, these make SteriHero Podo the cleanest solution for your budget and the environment.

SteriHero Podo

Washer Disinfectors

A medical washer or disinfector combines impingement, water temperature, and detergent to clean heat-resistant and heat-sensitive surgical instruments. 

Melag Melatherm 10

Melag MELAtherm 10

The innovative MELAG washer-disinfectors and MELAtherm® 10 are cutting-edge technology offering an efficient workflow. The product highlights of MELAtherm® 10 include Active drying, a drawer with integrated metering, module and process agents, integrated documentation interfaces, and a practice-optimised washing chamber.  

Melag Melatherm 10 Evolution

Melag MELAtherm 10 Evolution

The MELAtherm® 10 Evolution has all the benefits of the MELAtherm® 10 but with additional and unique innovations, including a large Smart-Touch Display with video tutorials, ProControl batch approval, AquaBoost Technology, and the MELAconnect interface.

Ultrasonic Cleaner NZ 

The Elmasonic Ultrasonic Cleaner offers a faster, safer, and more efficient way to clean your lab equipment and dental tools. Utilising high-frequency sound waves and an appropriate cleaning fluid, you can achieve intensive cleaning quickly and effectively. 

Product features include an ultrasonic frequency of 37kHz, tank volumes from 3 to 90 litres, practical accessories like baskets and tray holders, a quick menu for your most used cleaning programs, and 5 individual ultrasonic modes. 

Dental Equipment NZ

When you need high-quality dental equipment, Dentec is here to help. We offer premium solutions from industry-leading brands like Ancar, Melag, and Elma to ensure the ultimate efficiencies and hygiene standards are met. Find everything you need in our full range, including: 

We also have a large network of distributors and technicians across the country who are ready to assist you. Whenever you require repairs, dental equipment service, or professional advice, we are available to get your clinic operational. 

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