Selecting the right equipment for your new dental practice

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Whether you’re building a new office, remodelling your workspace, or simply in need of a change, choosing the right layout and equipment for your dental practice is essential for the efficiency of your day-to-day operations and to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right equipment for your practice:

Set your priorities

The first priority is to check you have the tools of the trade and that they operate effectively. That includes office ergonomics when choosing the right dental equipment. When you spend the whole day bending over your patients, investing in ergonomically-designed seats and equipment will minimise strain on your body and help you do an accurate job.

You also need to consider your patient’s comfort. Many times, the patients’ level of comfort and satisfaction is shaped by how they perceive your office’s environment and staff. Explore your office from your patients’ perspective. In certain cases, your patients spend a lot of time seated on the dental chair. You want to be sure that they’re comfortable whilst ensuring you can easily carry out your work.

Aesthetics is another consideration. The look of your work area affects your patients’ overall experience and how they perceive your practice. Maintaining a clean, orderly practice with well-designed rooms and reception area contributes to making your patients feel comfortable and calm, particularly if they are nervous about dental visits.

Check your budget

Your budget is the underlying consideration when it comes to choosing your new equipment and office layout, so take time to set your budget and determine what you can afford. Make sure that your preferences are in line with the resources available, including the duration of any loan and interest repayments against predicted income.

At Dentec, we offer tailored dental equipment that suits every budget, floor plan, and aesthetics. We source our products from reliable, industry-leading brands. Our range of products improves efficiency in your workplace, ensuring that you have a seamless work experience.

Do the necessary research

Take your time and do the research before replenishing your dental equipment. Talk to other dentists and ask for their recommendations. Ask what works for them, what they avoid and why.

You can also check what people are saying online about a particular brand or piece of equipment. Reviews are a good way for you to know everything about other dentists’ and trade experts’ experiences with competing brands and products. A one-star review isn’t necessarily an indication of bad quality; it could mean that the product didn’t meet the needs of the practice. Reading through the online reviews helps you achieve a more holistic opinion of a product.

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