Ancar S3 Treatment Centre

ancar treatment centre

The Ancar S3 represents an exceptional dental chair designed, engineered, and constructed to last. Proven and modern touch technology, structural aluminium frame, and practical ergonomics deliver a new experience that makes your work more intuitive, precise, safe, and your patient's experience more comfortable than ever.

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Patient chair options
Delivery options
Patient chair options

Standard or knee break Chair

The Ancar S3 is available in two options. Choose between a standard or a knee break chair configuration.

Ergonomically designed patient seat, offering
back support without hindering you from getting close to the patient. The thin part of the backrest allows you to get as close to the treatment area as possible. 

Knee break
The automatic leg rest makes it easier for patients to enter and exit the chair. The reclining knee break chair allows you to hold your initial talk with the patient in a comfortable sitting position while maintaining eye contact.

Ancar S3 dental chair
Delivery options

Three delivery options

Available in three different delivery options, the Ancar S3 can be customised to suit your preferred working style.

Hanging tube delivery
Provides increased space for the patient, and the design achieves greater work positions, with very low minimum working heights.

Whip delivery
Designed to reduce the visual impact of the patient and to increase the reach and work positions.

Cart delivery
A minimalist design with an instrument delivery system that allows you to adapt the position of the instrument holders. 

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The Ancar S3 treatment centre provides excellent ergonomic benefits for busy practices due to its multiple features, including:

  • An easy to use 7" colour multi-touch screen with IPS technology
  • Wireless chair movement pedal and keypad control for the principal and assistant
  • 70° rotation water box to make the assistant's work easier
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Upholstery colours and types

The Ancar S3 is available in two upholstery types, each of which comes in a variety of colours.

The standard injected seamless upholstery is available in 11 different colours. 

The SoftPlus™ memory foam upholstery is available in 12 different colours.

Ancar patient chairs
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Standard or knee break chair

With the Ancar S3, you have the option of a standard chair or a knee break chair. In addition to this there are a range of upholstery options, from standard injected seamless upholstery to SoftPlus™ memory foam upholstery, each available in 11 or more colour options.

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Quality movement and design

Extremely easy and soft movements of the instrument tray and assistant element. The arm consists of a self compensated system by gas piston and without additional brake, which allows you to position the tray and lock it automatically into place without having to press any button.

The smartly designed tray allows instruments to be placed at optimal ergonomic positions. The tray can also be moved to the assistant side for a smooth and efficient workflow.

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Delivery styles

The delivery styles of the instruments are a very personal choice. The Ancar S3 comes with three delivery systems options each designed with ergonomics, hygiene, and efficiency in mind.

The options are:

  • Whip system
  • Hanging tube
  • Cart

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Touch expert PRO™

Featuring an easy to use 7" colour multi-touch screen with IPS technology. Perfect for uploading X-rays, photos and videos to provide patients with visualisation aids.

There is the ability to have an indefinite number of user profiles with their own settings. Identification of the clinic, the date and time, and the possibility to add the clinic’s logo on each screen is made easy with this expert technology.

ancar treatment centre

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