Heka UNICline S Orthodontic Treatment Centre

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The UNICline S orthodontic unit is a space-saving treatment area with a minimalist approach to form and function. Derived from the acclaimed UNICline S design it retains the Nordic design approach while embracing significantly minimal style. 

Several of the same functions are retained but on a platform that is space-efficient and practical in equal measure.

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Pillar & base
Hygiene & cleaning
Automatic suction cleaning
Pillar & base

Pillar and base

The pillar unit on this treatment centre is designed to be as minimalist as possible, with no unnecessary connections or other disruptive features. The chair and suction are connected to the floor box, and the suction arm can be mounted in another location from the unit and chair — for instance, in a dental cabinet behind the headrest.

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Hygiene & cleaning

Hygiene & cleaning

The natural contact points on the UNICline S orthodontic chair are intuitive and removable. This means they can be found readily while mid workflow and kept to the highest levels of clinical cleanliness with the ease of removal for cleaning and autoclaving.

The tempered glass surface on the dashboard is not only durable and safe, but easy to clean. The integrated touch screen reduces cavities and crevices for particles to collect and the display can be locked during wipe-down.

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With no buttons or switches, this seamless surface of the delivery tray is easy to see and maintain. Not only that but the delivery tray features built-in projector lights to cast key details onto the patient's napkin. Relaying this information to an area near the user's eye line reduces optical fatigue and distractions.


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Automatic suction cleaning

Automatic suction cleaning

Each UNICline S orthodontic chair comes with the option of including automatic suction cleaning. With it, a nozzle is activated at the end of the suction hoses, which continuously cleans the suction system. Use chemicals or just clean water to keep the entire suction system clean and efficient.

It is also possible to activate while working with a patient. This ensures effective removal of all impurities without the hose drying out, to prevent the impurities from solidifying on the inside of the hose.

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Comfort first

As with the entire UNICLine S range, the patient chair is offered with your choice of upholstery colours and comfort levels.

Not only that, but the knee-break provides a natural reclined position while the headrest can be positioned to suit adults and children alike.

LED lights

A basic requirement of every treatment unit is excellent lighting and this is no exception. This treatment centre features a Faro Maia LED operation lamp with 35,000 lux at a 5,000K colour temperature as standard.

There are also additional options should you need more, for example, the Faro Alya with a 50,000 lux and 5,000K colour temperature light can also be fitted with an HD camera.

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Delivery system

The delivery system is minimalist in design and there is no superfluous technology or unnecessary information. The thin and narrow design of the delivery system achieves ergonomic working conditions around the patient.

The instruments feature balanced suspension, which means they are individually balanced while the long silicone hoses provide ergonomically correct working possibilities. Without the work of carrying the instrument’s weight or experiencing external forces when performing your precision work, you feel less fatigued at the end of a long day.

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Instrument arm

The unit arm has several ergonomic advantages. The flexible placement means the arm set has full movement all the way around, so you choose how you want to position the delivery system and which way it should move.

The unit arm also features a light and seamless movement. All movable joints in the unit arm are fitted with double-needle bearings, which ensure that the delivery system is very easy and comfortable to reposition.

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Available in two versions, the base of the central pillar can be optimised to your working approach or design aesthetic. A low version enables the electronics to be placed in a separate box creating a low-profile base freeing up even more space around the patient's chair.
The second version is an integrated box. Slightly higher, it contains all of the electrical components in a single location near the unit. Both function identically so the only influencing factor is your personal preference.

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