Elite Dental


Albany, Auckland

Clinic Size

4 surgery rooms

Space Size


Completion Date

December 2019


After years of private practice experience, Dr Ramneek Kaur was ready to take the plunge and open up a practice of her own. By reaching out during the initial stages of the process, Dentec were able to offer their expertise and assist Dr Kaur in the early decisions, such as finding the perfect site and sourcing financing for the Elite Dental vision to come to life.

Working with Dr Kaur every step of the way, the end result of this 4-surgery practice was a state-of-the-art fitout offering personalised care, with high-quality services, in a crisp, and modern design - making it nothing short of elite!

Dental Treatment Room

The Challenge

After exploring various options for the new site, Dr Kaur settled on a brand new, 2-story complex in the heart of Albany. While an ideal spot, the site came with challenges of its own. Being on the ground floor of the complex, the concrete floor with vast structural beams had to be carefully cut around and any disruptive work had to be minimised to accommodate business and residents in the surrounding neighbourhood.

With Elite Dental being her first practice, financing the practice posed an early challenge for Dr Kaur. Fortunately, there are options available for financing dental fitouts and equipment, and DLL were put forward by Dentec as a trustworthy solution. These flexible loan options allowed Dr Kaur to get the fitout completed and start repayments once the business was operational. Dentec also eased the financials by completing the practice in stages. The fitout began with one surgery and expanded progressively from there. 

Being situated in the bustling suburb of Albany with many long-standing dental practices already well-established, Dr Kaur needed her practice to stand out from its competitors. An exceptional fitout, innovative technology, bold designs, and Dr Kaur's outstanding service and reputation would all need to come into play to distinguish it above the rest. 

Dental surgery fitout
dental fit out

The Solution

With finance sorted, and a site chosen, construction was able to get underway. To accommodate the neighbouring businesses, an insurance call centre upstairs, and a wellbeing company next door, Dentec completed much of the heavy-duty work after hours to minimise disruptions and ensure good relationships were bridged between Elite Dental and their future neighbours.

All underground services, including suction lines, were installed in the foundations of the building but with vast underfloor concrete structural beams to work around, cutting through the flooring and getting all the lines in safely required critical engineering.

The final result of this fitout was a contemporary-chic practice boasting bold, modern designs standing out as 'elite' above the rest. Dr Kaur was also able to intertwine touches of her Indian heritage into the sophisticated design giving the practice added personality and tenor.

Dr Kaur worked closely with the Dentec team throughout the entire design and fitout process. With the fitout completed right on schedule, she dove straight into providing Albany residents with her elite services, receiving nothing but glowing reviews, and all with a new baby on the way!

"I couldn't rave about this dental practice enough. Highly trained, highly professional, cost-effective, and a beautiful environment. They have transformed my anticipation of dental appointments from that of anxiousness to ease." - Eleatzsia Seamons


dental practice design

The Details

Spaces worked on

  • 4 surgery rooms
  • Sterilisation room
  • Plant room
  • Lab
  • OPG x-ray room
  • Office
  • Reception
  • Waiting room
  • Toilets
  • Staff room

Dentec Services

  • Onsite consultations
  • Interior design
  • Floorplanning
  • Project management
  • Construction
  • Equipment supply
  • Interior fitout

Scope of project

  • 140m² space
  • Building consents
  • Demolition and construction
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • Plastering and painting
  • Data and lighting
  • Air conditioning and mechanical ventilation (HVAC)
  • Fire alarms
  • Flooring
  • Practice set-up

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