Must-see features on our new website

As New Zealand's leading design and build providers to the dental and healthcare industries, with over 12 years of experience, innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. Since taking over ownership in 2019, executive consultant and director of Dentec, Jono Stewart has strived to revolutionise the dental experience not only for patients, practitioners, and staff, but for you, the practice owner.

Whether you’re looking for equipment or a full design and build of your new practice, you need quality information at your fingertips. And to ensure your experience with Dentec is the best it can be, we've taken the time to meticulously transform our website with an advanced, streamlined, and modern look that we’re sure you’ll love.

Dentecs new website

There’s a whole host of refreshing and impactful changes to the new site that improve usability and showcase fresh content. Designed to explain new features, highlight easy-to-navigate resources, and on the whole, boast a fresh new look and feel, a ‘clean slate’ approach was taken. There’s more information than ever on our services and equipment, yet the navigation is simple and intuitive - perfect for the busy practice owner.

Continue using cherished features of the old site, such as our curated collection of past projects and helpful articles but experience them in an improved look and function. And, as you navigate your way through, be sure to explore the must-see new features the new site proudly boasts, some of which we highlight below.

Light and dark mode functionality

We understand that every visitor to the website is unique, with their own personal preference for how they interact online. We also believed that we should bring some of our practice design philosophy to the digital space. We build inclusive spaces, and that is why our redesigned website enables users a customised experience to view the site in their preferred style. 

Dentec NZ

The dark mode feature allows you to view the website in its alternative outlook - a dark background with light text. This makes it less bright, and therefore drains less of your device’s battery, helping you stay connected for longer. But more importantly, this dark browsing experience can be kinder on the eyes, making it a great feature to utilize in low-light environments, such as early in the morning or at night.

The best part though is that the option is yours to choose! Simply scroll down to the bottom of any page on the website and select your preferred setting by clicking on the sun or moon icon. You can use your preferred mode every time you use the website, or you can flick between the two depending on the time of day. It’s entirely up to you.


Interactive product feature

Acquire a better understanding of the features and customisations available on our range of dental treatment units. The new interactive product feature can be found on each of our dental chair pages allowing you to take a deeper look at the features unique to each treatment unit so you’re able to select the chair best suited to your dental practice.

Dental chair

Enhanced equipment information

From informative product details and customisation possibilities to real-world inspiration, Dentec’s equipment pages have been carefully and meticulously designed to ensure all the information you need is easily available. Where applicable you'll have quick access to product brochures filled with supplementary information directly available via the '+' icon shown on most products.

Looking for our full range of product brochures as well as inspirational and informative guides? Look no further than our resources page to find quick links to all of the downloadable content available on our website so you can be confident you're making an informed decision every time with Dentec.

Detailed overview of our design & build process

Opening a new dental practice can be daunting. Whether you’re expanding into your 10th or launching your very first, the peace of mind offered by an experienced partner is invaluable. Dentec are committed to providing clients with a stress-free experience from beginning to end, so we strive to be transparent with you every step of the way.

Dentecs design and build process

The design and build section clearly details the process you can expect when partnering with the Dentec team, keeping you informed from day one. Filter through each stage of the process and learn about how stress-free working with Dentec can be.

Your questions answered

Got questions? No worries! Over the years we’ve collated a list of questions commonly asked by dental specialists across New Zealand at various stages of their research process. If there’s something you need to know, chances are we’ve probably covered it on our brand new FAQ page.

Dental FAQs

From questions such as "How much does it cost to set up a dental practice in New Zealand?" to "What level of confidentiality can Dentec provide?", we cover a broad range so be sure to check it out - you may find answers to questions you didn't even know you had!

Design & build photo gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we know the value they offer in inspiring you and helping you envision what your dental practice could look like. Our new gallery page showcases the years of experience and expertise the Dentec team has in medical practice fitouts. Scroll through the extensive range of projects we have completed in the past, or use the filtering feature to finetune and customize the inspiration you're after.

Dentec fitout gallery

We will continue to update this page with fresh content so that your source of inspiration will never run dry!

Book a meeting tool

Whether you're just wanting to ask a few of the burning questions you have without any obligations, or you're in need of specific help and advice for your existing or new medical practice, get in touch.

You can send us a message via our enquiry form, or by using our live chat that features in the bottom right corner throughout the website, or better yet, schedule a call with Jono himself! This awesome feature provides live updates of call availability. Simply select the time and day that works best for you and Jono will give you a call at the time of your choosing.

Book a meeting

We understand that you’re busy with unexpected obligations cropping up at the last minute. This booking tool is another example of us understanding the people we work with as we make it easier than ever to find a time to talk that suits you.

While we’ve barely scratched the surface of our new website and its exciting features these are a few of the key updates. Why not discover the intuitive new layout and enhanced information for yourself? 

Considering a fitout or new dental equipment?

If you like what you see and want to work with us then contact us today or gather more inspiration by downloading our inspiration guide.


The team at Dentec operate across New Zealand. We are always happy to come to you and ensure we have a full understanding of your requirements and establish a strong foundation.