10 reasons to renovate your dental practice

If you’re weighing up the value of a dental practice renovation then before you get started it’s worth taking a look at the potential advantages of such an undertaking. This will enable you to see how upgrades may impact you in the long term. 

When designing and constructing a customised dental fitout, you need to take the time to plan and prepare for the layout and finish you need for ongoing success. While there are dozens of benefits to renovating and upgrading your dental practice, there are also several that may have gone unnoticed. That's why we have summarised everything you need to consider below. 

To help you weigh up whether a renovation or upgrade is worthwhile we’ve outlined several key reasons to undertake such a project. This article considers the key benefits that can be achieved in doing so.

Benefits of renovating a dental practice

No matter whether you’ve recently purchased a dental practice or whether you’ve had the same clinic for decades, a renovation could be beneficial to your business in the short and long term. Many of the benefits of renovating a dental clinic can be seen instantly, provided you do it right. To help you plan your upgrade, let’s explore each benefit in more detail.

1. Attract new patients

If you are looking to grow your client base and grow your business, you need to attract more patients. One of the most effective ways to do that is with a brand-new, well-designed fitout. Whether it be a completely revamped layout or a few upgraded tools and a fresh look, prospective patients will be more interested if the practice is attractive and offers the services they need.

2. Improve productivity

The layout and interior design of your practice has a direct influence on productivity. When renovating, you have the opportunity to reconfigure your space ergonomically, thereby increasing efficiency, and optimising the space you have available. With improved functionality, strategic layout, convenient storage, and seamless digital systems, your team can get more done every day. 

3. Offer better services

With the right equipment and increased efficiency, you can offer a much higher level of service. If you offer more specialised options, like endodontists, oral surgery, and 3D imaging, your patients will have no reason to turn to another clinic. By expanding your service offering you can better serve the local community, keep the competition at bay, and increase your revenue streams. A renovation enables you to add these additional services to your existing space.

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4. Increase patient retention

While attracting new patients is helpful, retaining your existing ones is just as critical for business growth. To ensure your patients return for more visits, a renovated space allows you to provide an elevated experience. With state-of-the-art equipment and a welcoming waiting area, they are far more likely to consider coming back. Newer practices in the local area can easily take patients away from you and if your decor is looking a little tired your loyal customers may find a newer dental practice more appealing.

5. Ease dental anxiety

For many patients, the dentist is a stressful place to be but a new fitout can help to ease anxiety and shift negative perceptions by making it a calming and inviting space. Rather than the conventional clinical style, try to incorporate warm-toned materials and bright colours instead. For inspiration, take a look at this one in Newmarket

6. Advance technology

Dental equipment is evolving, with advanced technology and digital tools being introduced all the time. To keep up with the industry and provide the best services to your patients, you need to update your equipment. The easiest time to upgrade your equipment is when you are renovating because everything can be designed with these new specifications in mind. This also means the colours and materials of the equipment can be selected to complement the rest of the fitout, creating a cohesive and seamless clinic design. 

7. Long-term investment

When you invest in a quality dental fitout, it pays off in the long term as well. New equipment will last decades, especially if you work with a credible supplier with reputable brands. The renovation also helps to ensure the practice is profitable with many loyal customers well into the future. This new investment increases the overall appeal and value of the dental practice.

8. Less maintenance

Older fitouts typically require a lot more upkeep, which can be costly to maintain. On the other hand, modern fitout solutions are relatively low maintenance and repairs are often covered by product warranties. If your new fitout does require maintenance, servicing, or professional advice, the Dentec team can recommend reliable technicians across the country to assist you.

9. Attract quality dental staff

If you are trying to attract skilled staff to run the clinic with you, a customised fitout can help. A renovation indicates that the practice is well-prepared for the future and is practical to work in – both of which are crucial to a potential employee. Practitioners often want to develop their skills and career on modern, innovative equipment so ensuring you have this available helps you to attract the most highly-skilled professionals to your practice.

10. Increase the value of the business

Whether you want to sell sometime soon or are simply preparing ahead of time, a customised fitout will make the practice more appealing to prospective buyers. To attract the highest offers, opt for a design that is cohesive, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing. 

How to plan a dental practice renovation

When planning a renovation of your dental clinic, there are four core factors to take into account. These include demographics, accessibility, growth, and competition. Let’s explore these in more depth:

Target market

When designing a fitout, it’s vital to understand your clientele and their needs. Consider the general demographics of your existing patients and target audience, then determine what their general age, median income, and dental requirements are. This information will guide your design decisions, including which equipment you need and the overall aesthetic. 


Starting a renovation allows you to improve the accessibility and functionality of your clinic. If possible, provide parking, wheelchair access, and adjustable dental chairs.  


When updating your practice, you need to think ahead. Preparing for future growth is a crucial part of the fitout process, especially when it comes to the layout and equipment you choose. With our years of experience fitting out various clinics, we can help you determine the most effective size and configuration.  


Taking note of your competitors is helpful but you also need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and offer something new. This way you can market to patients with a point of difference and services that no other clinic has on offer. New patients to the area will likely check out your website to see what your practice looks like and may even drop in to check you out. How does your practice compare to your local competitors? 

If you need a brand-new fitout to elevate your clinic, the team at Dentec can help. We will start by discussing strategies, feasibility, and budgeting with you to ensure the scope of the project aligns with your goals. From there, we manage the entire process so you can focus on running your practice. 

We also help with: 

  • Building consent
  • Financing
  • Compliance
  • Project management
  • Equipment supply

For more information and expert advice for your dental practice, contact the friendly Dentec team today. 

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