The best dental chairs - Heka vs A-dec dental chairs

Heka Dental Chair

Finding the best chair for your dental practice can be a daunting decision. In New Zealand, Heka and A-dec are two of the leading dental chair brands but the question is – which is the best option for you and your patients? Is it the most expensive dental chair?

In this article, we explore the two most reputable dental chair brands to help guide you to find the best one for your dental practice. We cover dental chair pricing, recommendations, and more.  

Heka vs A-dec dental chairs 

Heka dental chairs, originating from Denmark, embody Danish design principles with a strong emphasis on reliability and ergonomics. The first design, released in 1986, resulted from a collaboration between an engineer, a dentist, and Heka’s owner. From then on, Heka has been innovative and one step ahead of the game, producing dental chairs made of 100% aluminium, compared to the standard plastic models. As a result of their commitment to quality and innovation, Heka’s dental chairs create a more comfortable patient experience and are more efficient for dentistry use. 

Originating from Newberg, Oregon in the United States, A-dec has similar values to Heka. The company was founded in 1964 by couple Ken and Joan Austin. In the last 60 years, A-dec has built a positive reputation for itself because of its quality and manufacturing reliability. A-dec dental chairs are made from plastic and offer a larger range of designs customised to suit different dental workers' preferences. 

Patient delivery system

Room design and layout take a lot of planning and the brand of chair you choose will be different depending on your space. A clear distinction between the two brands is their patient delivery system. 

Over delivery

Heka has an ‘over the patient’ delivery chair. This means that their build tends to be larger and would be best suited to a more spacious room. The chair position from the door should be behind or from the dentist's side for a smoother patient experience.

Under delivery

A-dec has an ‘under patient’ delivery chair. These chairs have a smaller build than over-delivery and are better suited for more confined limited spaces. The best layout for this design is to have the toe of the chair facing the door. 


A-dec is recognised as an easily repairable brand due to its simplicity, and most engineers can readily access parts for repairs. However, not all engineers are manufacturer-trained, and some may not utilise genuine manufacturer parts.

Otherwise, brands like Heka have a well-established network for support and spare parts. Repairs for Heka chairs typically go through approved dealers, and it's recommended to use manufacturer-approved engineers. While there may be fewer engineers available for Heka chair repairs, it doesn't necessarily result in extended repair times or higher costs. The key is to collaborate with a dependable, established, and well-trained engineering company equipped with a competent team capable of addressing equipment needs.

A-dec dental chairs

A-dec is a leading manufacturer of dental equipment with a focus on reliability, ergonomics, support, integration, and infection control. Adec dental chairs include: 

  • A-dec 500 dental chairs
  • A-dec 400 dental chairs
  • A-dec 300 dental chairs
  • A-dec 200 dental chairs

A-dec dental chair specifications

  • Dual-position armrest settings
  • Floating mount style
  • Integrated 300-watt power supply
  • Chair control via system control pad or foot switch
  • The load ratings for the A-dec chairs range from 181kg to 227kg

Range of upholstery colours

The A-dec range is available in 30 sewn upholstery colours and 10 formed upholstery colours, making it easy to tie in with your fitout design.

Not available from Dentec

Unfortunately, we do not offer Adec dental chair parts with our clinic fitout and equipment services. If you want us to help with your new dental fitout or equipment and maintenance services, we recommend the range of Heka chairs instead. 

Heka dental chairs

Heka manufactures high-quality, reliable, and ergonomic dental chairs. With a focus on security and comfort, the design of all Heka chairs has the clinical aspect toned down, creating a stylish and functional piece of furniture. 

Prices for Heka dental chairs start from $15,000.00 +GST.*   

Heka Dental Patient Chair

Heka patient chair

The patient chair creates a calm and relaxed environment for the patient. Prices for the Heka Dental Patient Chair start at $15,000.00 +GST.*

Heka Dental G+

Heka G+ Dental chair

The Heka G+ treatment centre occupies less space than many of its counterparts but still optimises the functionality of your busiest practice asset. 

Prices for the Heka Dental G+ start at $60,000.00 +GST.* 

Heka Dental S+

Heka S+ dental chair

Inspired by Nordic design, this chair is practical, clutter-free, and built from cutting-edge materials. 

Prices for the Heka Dental S+ start at $60,000.00 +GST.* 

Heka Dental UNICline S

Heka Dental UNICline S

The UNICline S is designed to inspire confidence and well-being in the patient while ensuring effortless efficiencies from the practitioner. 

Prices for the Heka Dental UNICline S start at $45,000.00 +GST.* 

Heka Dental UNIC

Heka Dental UNIC dental chair

The UNIC treatment centre features a minimalist design with hidden cables, water, and airlines within the anodised aluminium arm. The telescopic arm can be adjusted from two to four-handed treatment in seconds and the patient's chair has been ergonomically designed with both the patient's and dentist's comfort in mind. 

Prices for the Heka Dental UNIC start at $50,000.00 +GST.*  

Heka Dental UNICline 5D

Alternative to A-dec dental chair

The UNICline 5D treatment centre is elegant, functional, and timeless. The unit is compact yet meets a wide array of needs making it a versatile and highly desirable dental treatment centre.

Prices for the Heka Dental UNICline 5D start at $40,000.00 +GST.*

Heka Dental UNICline S Ortho

Heka UNICline S Ortho chair

The UNICline S Orthodontic unit is a space-saving treatment area, with a minimalist design.

Prices for the Heka Dental UNICline S Ortho start at $20,000.00 +GST.* 

Heka Dental UNICline Mobile

Heka UNIcline mobile dental chair

When fixed-place dentistry isn't an option, the UNICline Mobile can be moved around on a mobile platform. It offers all of the tools, technology, and comfort of a stationary dental centre but can be packed down into a fully mobile arrangement and reassembled into full readiness in under 15 minutes.

Prices for the Heka Dental UNICline Mobile start at $60,000.00 +GST.*

*These prices are as of January 2024. Prices may be subject to change. Contact us for up-to-date pricing and information.

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The best dental chair depends on the specific needs of your dental staff and patients. For a more tailored recommendation based on your clinic processes, speak with our dental fitout consultants today.

In most cases, the right chair is not the most expensive dental chair. Drawing on our thorough expertise in all the chair designs and our connections with the manufacturers, we can ensure you have the best chair for you.

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